The purpose of this document is to set the general conditions of use for the services of www.spaceandmaterial.com. We reserve the right to modify them and ask you to refer to them regularly.

  1. Terms:

1.1. “Space & Material” – refers to Space and Material V.O.F., registered with the Chamber of Commerce Number 71781749 and the VAT Number NL858847127B01, under the following address: Hae, Sint Jacobstraat 5, 6211 LA Maastricht, the Netherlands.

1.2. “Workshops” – refers to regular and irregular artistic classes given by Artists which Space & Material provides as an intermediary.

1.3. “Artists” – refers to makers giving the workshops with Space & Materials as an intermediary.

1.4. “Clients” – refers to participants of the Space & Material workshops who have reserved (paid for) a spot.

1.5. “Online Platform” – refers to Space & Material’s official website www.spaceandmaterial.com.

  1. Services and Liabilities:

2.1. Space & Material provides information on specific workshops – their theme, teacher, price, venue etc. All of this information may be changed at any time by Space & Material.

2.2. Space & Material is not liable for the comments left under its posts. Offensive (i.a. racist, pornographic, personally sensitive) materials and unapproved advertisements will be deleted.

2.3. Clients reserve their spot in a workshop by placing payment for it. Only when the payment is received and processed by Space & Material is the spot booked. In case of a workshop cancellation, reimbursements shall be paid within 72 hours.

2.4. Space & Material allows the Clients to create an account during check-out. Inactive accounts will be deleted automatically after 6 months, with the already placed orders being converted into guest orders.

2.5. Refunds claimed due to an unsatisfactory experience with a Workshop will be examined by Space & Material individually. Reimbursements shall be determined about on a case-by-case basis. If you are unsatisfied with your experience, please contact [email protected].

2.6. Once booked, participants cannot cancel their booking. Purchase of a workshop spot is strictly non-refundable. If a participant is unable to attend the workshop, they may find someone else to take their place.

2.7. Space & Material has the right to cancel any workshop without previous notice.

2.8. Space & Material has the right to modify the Terms of Use.

  1. Privacy:

3.1. Space & Material will retain Client data given during purchase (i.a. name and surname, e-mail, address, form of payment) for 6 months.

3.2. Space & Material will have access to a Client’s e-mail and name should the Client decide to use the “Contact Us” online form published on the Online Platform. Space & Material does not store this information in any outside database and will only use this information to respond to the received inquiry.

3.3. Space & Material collects the Artists’ data via an online form “Give A Workshop” which is published on the Online Platform. This data is stored as long as the Artist cooperates with Space & Material. Non-personal information (such as a workshop description and biography) is published on the Online Platform as parts of a class’ description.

3.4. Space & Material has the right to take photographs of workshop participants and use the photos for promotional and archival purposes only. If a participant wishes to opt put, please make the instructor aware of that prior to the start of the class. 

4. Copyright:

4.1. The Online Platform is in its entirety, a sole property of Space & Material. Space & Material decides the content and design of the Platform.

4.2. By submitting workshop descriptions and photos, an Artist agrees that these materials will be published on the Online Platform as Space & Material sees fit. Any substantive changes will be made in consultation with the Artist.

4.3. Promotional materials (i.a. logo, flyers, slogans) of Space & Material may not be used without an explicit permission.

By making a purchase on the Online Platform, Clients accept the aforementioned Terms of Use.