Meet Studio Malu

Studio Malu originated from a 100 day project. After the 100 days of stamp making it became a hobby and has never left since. It brings me great joy to turn my drawings and ideas into stamps and linocuts and unique prints.

On inspiration

I can find inspiration everywhere around me. I try to be mindful of my surroundings and use the things I see, hear and experience in my art. I challenge myself to work as minimalistic as possible to create an interesting image. Often monochromatic because it can be very powerful.

On sharing

The whole process of idea, drawing, cutting and printing is something I don’t plan or force. I let it naturally boil up and just act on ideas that are there. It is very calming and makes me zen. Sharing my knowledge and introducing others to the world of printmaking is something I’m very enthusiastic about. And who knows, maybe others will also find some zen in it!

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