Meet Iris

On aesthetics

My jewellery collections are sometimes balancing in between jewellery design and art. Some pieces are not wearable but more poetic and carry a story about fragility within them. My jewellery collection is like a poem. You write or make something from inside of you, but it gets more value when you share it with somebody else. So for me it is important to share my art as well as my crafts and techniques. 

On her work

I have my studio located in Maastricht and work one day in the week for another studio (Studio Jeroen Wand). I sell jewellery collections in stores like Clio and Lena Berends in Maastricht. I also do a lot of custom made jewellery pieces which cost more time to make than the collection pieces.

On inspiration

As an artist, I think you can start with nearly nothing. For example, I take a lot of inspiration and materials like dried flowers out of nature, which is a free inspiration source. 

I gain inspiration from little things in my surroundings, especially nature. As a kid I have been surrounded by nature and I have been taught a lot about it. I see wonder in little things around me. Maybe it is within the little things that the wonder can be bigger.