Gift Guide 2018: Maastricht and More

We know there are a gazillion gift guides circulating the Internet right now. But we wanted to craft a holiday gift guide filled with our favorite things from near and far. While we love Amazon and bol.com as much as the next shopper, we wholeheartedly believe in the motto of supporting local and small businesses. Our picks highlight the treasures that support the local economy of Maastricht or they are gifts that we think are crafted with care and attention and will delight any gift receiver. 

 These are our picks:

1. The Hoppy Brothers specialize in craft beer and are located in the newly renovated Stadsbrouwerij de Maastrichter Maltezer. Stop by in person to sample their assortment of hard-to-find, independent and craft brew labels. There is even a growler station where freshly tapped beer can be filled into reusable growlers.  


Visit the Hoppy Brother’s.

2. Itawi offers beautiful fabrics and craft patterns with many projects suitable for beginners or those who are “weekend crafters”. You can even skip the pesky step of having to cut your own patterns; Itawi offers those services as well. 


See more from Itawi Studio.

3. What to get the person who has everything? A custom stamp from Studio Malu! Completely customized and personalized to the gift recipient, your stamp can be used for cards, letters, or anything that needs that special, personal touch. Custom portrait stamp (size M): €15 + shipping.


See more from Studio Malu.


4. Trader’s Pop, one of Maastricht’s hippest stores, has a selection of beautiful, independent magazines.One of our favorites, Brownbook Magazine – is a bi-monthly magazine acts as an urban guide to the Middle East and North Africa.


See more of Brown Book Magazine or Trader’s Pop.

5. While on the topic of beautiful printed material, also check out Benji Knewman Magazine from Latvia – an English/ Latvian magazine filled with beautiful stories and images inspired by the mundane and stemming from an imagined, 30ish man named Benji Knewman.


Shop Benji Knewman.



6.  Have you ever heard of organic soapberries? These berries have anti-fungal and antibacterial properties that can replace your usual laundry detergent. They’re reusable, not tested on animals, and completely odorless! Give these cute berries a whirl next time you do your laundry. 


Shop Organic Soapberries.

7. Furoshiki cloths are traditional Japanese wrapping cloths used to wrap everything from gifts, books, lunchboxes, and more. Artist Zoé Nehlig makes Furoshiki cloths with a traditional dyeing method known as Shibori. This piece of art can even be worn as a scarf or draped across a blank wall as art, the uses are endless. 


See more of Zoé’s work.

8. Can anyone possibly have too many plants? We think not! Wonderwoud is the newest plant point/ cafe in Maastricht to find your next plant friend. Beautiful plants are not all that’s in stock, you can also purchase gift cards for their vegan cafe or home decor!


Check out Wonderwoud here.

9. For all the fellow bike owners out there – this super cute Lucky Cat Cage Bottle Holder will surely guard your bottle safe for that bike trip you’ve always wanted to take (watch out for bike thieves though!).

Check out the Lucky Cat Cage.

10. Lastly, a Space & Material gift card is sure to please anyone on your holiday list.  We offer creative, one-of-a-kind workshops and classes where you can learn a new skill, meet new people, or practice a well-loved hobby.


Buy our very own gift card!

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