Gift Guide 2020

2020 is coming to end, and few of us will miss it. However, the holidays are always a time to appreciate those around us. This year, it is also an opportunity to support local, small, minority-owned businesses that need your help more than ever. We have highlighted some Maastricht and international makers that we think deserve a lot of love in 2020 and beyond. Take a look below!

Space and Material Craft Kit

We are proud to offer our very own Craft Kits, made in collaboration with Maastricht’s independent artists and makers. Although COVID-19 forced us to keep our distance, we hope that we can still give you and your loved ones an opportunity to create at your own home. We will be releasing new kits and collaborations – check our Instagram and Website for more details.


Earrings, Tache collection. Photo belongs to ORSKA.

ORSKA is an independent Polish jewellery designer. Each hand-made collection has a specific theme – such as Gelato, Insects, or Machines – made by using distinct materials and shapes around which every unique piece is structured.

Buy ORSKA’s jewellery at:

Olivia Bertus

Photo belongs to Olivia Bertus.

Olivia is a Maastricht-based textile designer with a gorgeous sense of colour and pattern. Her one-of-a-kind, hand-drawn patterns are combined with vibrant colours and sometimes inspired by Maastricht itself! Can you spot the local landmarks in her prints?

If you’d like to know more about Olivia, take a look at our Open Door Conversation with her.

Buy Olivia’s work at:

Heckin' Unicorn

Photo belongs to Heckin' Unicorn.

Heckin’ Unicorn is a Singaporean queer-owned business that offers subtle (but not-so-subtly adorable) Pride accessories. Their tiny pins creatively portray all the different sexual orientations and gender identities. Can you guess how they chose to represent pansexuality?

Buy Heckin’ Unicorn at:

English Bookstore Maastricht

Photo belongs to English Bookstore Maastricht.

Opened in 2020, English Bookstore Maastricht is a real newbie on Maastricht’s cultural map – but a much needed one. Their selection of English-language children and YA books is perfect for any international family in the city!

Visit at:

AMOUR Warsaw

TIGERS T-shirt. Photo belongs to AMOUR Warsaw.

AMOUR Warsaw is a women-owned clothing brand that combines embroidered designs with simple, black or white T-shirts; making their designs casually intricate. Can you spot a Dutch-inspired one?

Buy AMOUR Warsaw at:

Becky Doonan Conservation

Not interested in more stuff? How about shopping in your closet this Christmas? Whether it’s that dress that has been in your family forever or a newly-bought vintage piece that could really use some polishing, Becky Doonan’s textile conservation can give it a new life.

If you’d like to learn more about Becky, take a look at our Open Door Conversation with her.

Contact Becky at:


Photo belongs to STRIKKS.

STRIKKS (a Maastricht-based duo of textile designers) takes a modern spin on machine-knitting. Their knitwear and home accessories are meant to “make the average great again” – an especially fitting motto for a year that kept us indoors.

If you’d want to learn more about STRIKKS, take a look at our Open Door Conversation with them.

Buy STRIKKS’s work at:

Anna Büscher

Anne (member of de Meldkamer, a “Maastricht-based platform for experiments in Art and Design”) works primarily with glass, building intricate structures from the unstable material. These delicate glass birds with real feather-plumed tails will be beautiful for your holiday table!

Make sure to visit Anne’s Website.